The Do’s and Don’ts While You are Out on Bail

The privilege of freedom through bail is a wonderful thing especially for those seeking to be more productive in society instead of spending time in prison. Freedom through bail, however, has responsibilities attached to it. There are regulations that the defendant must adhere to while enjoying his freedom. Failure to do so can be damaging for him and his case. Here are some rules that the defendant must observe while out on bail.

Since your bail is made possible through a guarantor, you must establish constant communication with your bondsman. He is the point person for the bail, which is why all arrangements you make such as travel must be relayed to him. It will help him feel secure because it will guarantee that you will settle your bond and not default. You must also ensure that all his fees are transparent and there are no hidden charges since they are illegal. You have to be completely honest to your guarantor as well, making sure not to feed him any false information. Being on bad terms with your guarantor will be disadvantageous because it will be difficult to find another bail agent in case the current one quits.  

Aside from your bondsman, you must prioritize strengthening your ties with your loved ones in case you get incarcerated. As a free man, it is essential that you make the most out of your freedom with your family and friends since they will be your safety nets while your case is still ongoing. You can also count on them to testify for you in court.

While you spend time with your family, you must not forget to appear at hearings and summons from the court. It also comes as a priority due to the grave offenses you can incur for missed appearances. In case of emergency, however, you can contact your bail bondsman so that he can reschedule your hearing. Inability to come during summons can worsen the sentence or even increase your bail further, dragging you into further debt.

As an individual that recently got incarcerated, it is also crucial for you not to commit any crime while you are still on bail. It will be more difficult for you to be granted bail again on a succeeding crime and your bail will increase enormously. Thus, it is best to stay out of trouble while you are still out on bail. It also includes not being acquainted with any individuals that can involve you to any crime (even though you are innocent). Getting the trust of the court is paramount during your time on bail since you are at their mercy; the court will be deciding on your sentence.

Being granted freedom through bail is a privilege not given to all, which is why you have to cherish your time of freedom while it lasts. Observe these pointers so that one day you will be able to get out of jail without any need of bail.